About Us

The United States is currently facing a drug epidemic. Drug overdoses and deaths have increased over the years. Legislation has been passed to help fight, but that is not enough.

At our news site, we try and stay up to date with the latest news on the war on drugs. We want to make sure the dangers are known. It is also important to know about successful treatments and programs.

The news can be so cynical these days. With social media having developed the way it has, negativity tops headlines.

We will never sugarcoat the truth of course, but we also think it is important to recognize the positive news stories.

A lot of our stories will focus on the stopping of drug distribution or successful treatments. There are many studies done every day to help those addicted to drugs. We want to supply our readers with the facts and news that is relevant to them.

Education is the best way to help combat drug abuse. We want to be a resource for lose who are looking to learn about the effects of drugs on our country. It is essential for our site to be a source of knowledge and truth.