Assistance For At-Risk Students

Many children in the U.S. are affected by drugs. This suffering is through no fault of their own. Children’s parents end up addicted to drugs and the children suffer because of it. When a child has an addicted parent, they might end up neglected.

Often parents will lock themselves in their room to take drugs. This leaves the children to fend for themselves. The parents might spend on their money on drugs and leave nothing left for food. Kids end up going hungry every night because there’s nothing to eat.

Sadly, a lot of kids grow up this way. In October Congress decided to take a step toward helping those children.

Congress gave $50 million a year for five more years for mental health services in schools. These services are meant to find and help kids affected by drug abuse. More specifically kids who have experienced trauma because of it.

Now many schools across the United States are working harder for their students. They’re screening and treating children who are considered “at-risk”. These kids can be at-risk for opioid addictions, but they also might need help and counseling because their family members are addicts.

Having kids who have to deal with drug-addled parents in their home life can affect their quality of learning. They might not be able to focus on or get the help they need. Counselors and psychiatrists are an excellent way to combat this problem.

Even though these programs are brand new, there is already data that says they’re making a difference. 

If kids who could be at-risk are helped, then there is more a chance of them coming to school. It can also help improve their grades.

Counselors are there to support children, but also help teachers along the way. Teachers might not know how to handle kids who have drug addicted parents. The counselors can help them find the right approach for these children.

For many children in the United States school might be the only stable place they have in their lives. Kids with drug-addicted parents often end up in foster care or moved around with family members. This is because their parents can end up dead or in jail repeatedly.

It can be hard for a kid to feel safe and valued. That’s why counseling for them at school can really help them figure out the best approach to learning.