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Cocaine On The Rise Again In Florida

Florida may be ranked 30th in the rank of drug use by states. But that is only a 20 percent different, and the overall average is just about a 10-15 percent margin. Cocaine is on the rise in Florida once more.

Cocaine was the drug that caused drug wars in Miami in the 1970s and 1980s. Drug lords battled openly to control the drug. The drug was destroying the city at the time.

Cocaine is a stimulant drug that is taken in a powder or rock form. It is made from the coca plant of South America. Powder cocaine is considered more potent and pure. Crack cocaine is a rock form that is less pure.

Cocaine is used as a party drug, a study aid, and for recreational use in general. It is popular because it gives strong bursts of energy. That can provide students with the motivation to work. Or it can help enhance the effects of a party. Cocaine is highly addictive.

Of course, the war on drugs is still going on, but cocaine has stepped out of the limelight. At least it has in recent years.

The Coast Guard found 35,000 pounds of cocaine out of Port Everglades in early February. That’s about $466 million worth of drugs.

There has been a rise of cocaine deaths in Florida as of late. More people have died from cocaine overdoses than any other drug in Florida. The drugs seized account for one of 21 different drug smuggling operations the Coast Guard believes to be in effect.

There was a 14 percent increase in overdose deaths of Cocaine from 2016 to 2017 in Florida. Two thousand twelve people died because of Cocaine in 2017. 

Cocaine is usually smuggled at night over water. Small and speedy boats are used to move the drugs quickly over open waters. Most cocaine smuggled into the U.S. comes from Central and South America with significant contributions from the Caribbean as well. 

That is because the coca plant, what cocaine is made from, is native to South America.

In the last two years, the Coast Guard has made many arrests of smugglers. More than 1,300 arrests in fact. They’ve made sure that more than 1.3 million pounds of cocaine have been kept out of the hands of dealers in Florida.

Miami and Orlando are the usual arrival destinations of that smuggling cocaine. The Coast Guard has been working hard to keep citizens safe.