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Fight Against A Supervised Injection Site

For a while now there have been plans to have a supervised injection site in Philadelphia. A supervised injection site is a place where people can take drugs safely. They provide clean needles and sanitary conditions and have Narcan onsite.

There are several safe injection sites in Canada that have shown how good they can be for a community. There have yet to be any in the U.S. Medical staff monitor people injecting drugs and give them a safe environment.

This is meant to lower overdose rates. It is intended to make things safer and overall save the community money. They also would provide resources and information about treatment programs.

In the U.S. though there has been uproar. This has been going on ever since the nonprofit Safehouse started these plans. 

A civil lawsuit has been started by federal prosecutors and the Department of Justice in Washington. It is the first such case of the Federal Government attempting to interfere. This came after months of threats that this would happen.

The lawsuit states that a supervised injection site would violate a section in the Controlled Substances Act of 1980.

Many cities have been considering such projects. This case could set the ruling for many others. 

This suit is being brought before the Safehouse is built and started. That way they can debate whether it is illegal or not and not have to arrest anyone.

The vice president and attorney for Safehouse claim that Federal Drug Laws weren’t meant to be interpreted this way. He says Safehouse is meant to help keep people safe and save lives.

It is more than everyone disagrees over what the law means. This often happens because times change and laws were written before these changes.

The section of law they are talking about is known as the “crack house statute.” It says it is illegal to have a space just for storing or giving out or using illegal drugs. That is obviously not the intent of Safehouse.

It is instead meant for people selling or promoting drugs out of businesses.

The law could potentially include the injection site. It’s up to the courts to decide how to move forward.

Overdoses have been at an all-time low of late. That is because naloxone, known as Narcan, has been made more available. A site like a Safehouse could only help further success.