Huge Fentanyl Seizure in US

Two hundred fifty-four pounds of the drug fentanyl were seized at the U.S. border. That is the most significant amount ever recorded by the U.S. Customers and Border Protection.

There were 100 packages of fentanyl thought to be worth $3.5 million. It was in both pill and powder form. Fentanyl is an extremely strong synthetic opioid that has taken the nation by a storm of late.

Fentanyl is made only from other chemicals, not from poppies like morphine. It is entirely lab created which can help it be cheaper.

About 650 pounds of drugs total were found at this location. There were 395 pounds of methamphetamines, a stimulant drug. That was worth about $1.8 million. They were discovered in a tractor trailer.

The tractor-trailer was disguised as transporting produce. It was the third-biggest meth find in history at the Arizona border. To say this amount of drugs was a big find would be an understatement.

This severe amount of drugs was luckily caught before entering the country. If these drugs had entered the country, they could have done much harm to our citizens. The lives affected would have been too many to count.

The use of synthetic opioid drug fentanyl has skyrocketed in recent years. It has contributed to many opioid overdoses. It was part of 29% of overdoses in 2016. This is because it is a very potent and cheap drug. 

Many drug dealers will cut other drugs like heroin with fentanyl. This is to help bulk up their product. Then they can thin out the heroin and sell more of it and make more money.

The problem is that fentanyl is so potent. People who are used to heroin are not used to the effects of fentanyl. If they don’t know they are taking fentanyl, they can end up overdosing very easily.

Their bodies go into shock from the potency of the drug. If they are alone or take a considerable amount, it can be fatal or lead to brain damage or coma.

Bodies tend to grow tolerance the more a drug is used. So someone who has been taking heroin for years may require more of the drug to get high. If the drug is cut with fentanyl and they don’t know it, they will take way more than they need.

This seizure of illegal drugs is very good for our country. We stopped the spread of a very dangerous drug that helps fuel an epidemic.